The dog magazine contains information about dog breeds and the differences in their personalities, helping you make informed decisions on the best dog for you. How do you choose a dog or does the dog choose you? We have articles that detail the best ways to prepare for your new dog and top tips for bonding. Understanding dog psychology and learning to communicate with your dog is key when it comes to training. The dog magazine has various tips and tricks for successfully training your dog, whatever its age. If your dog displays problem behavior, such as barking, growling or aggression there are entries to help you understand why your dog is doing this and the best ways to correct this behavior. Owning a dog also means knowing about their health and how to properly care for them. In our section on Dog Health and Care you will find information on basic dog care and grooming, as well as articles on diseases, their symptoms and how to protect your dog against them. This section also deals with important information on breeding, neutering and contraception, something that dog breeders may find useful.